Virtual Showrooms: The 3 Advantages For Your Car Listings

Published on
Mar 1, 2024
Written by
Lara-Alina Plieschnig

The Advantages of Using 3D Showrooms for Your Car Listings

Since car buying increasingly shifts online, virtual showrooms have become a vital component for every internet-based car dealership. In fact, 60% of people already make their buying decision online when shopping for cars. And we’re not talking about a mere hour of research. A study conducted by Cox Automotive showed that people spend up to 7 hours on the Internet when looking for a new car and 10 hours looking for pre-owned vehicles across at least 4 different websites!

That’s why in today's digital age, maintaining a strong online presence is crucial for car dealerships to attract potential customers and close more sales. However, with so many online listings to compete with, it can be challenging to stand out of the crowd. Especially nowadays, professional images are not a new “trend”, but rather what consumers demand to see. Customers expect detailed, high-resolution photographs of the vehicles they are considering purchasing, since it gives them trust in the dealership due to every single feature being displayed.

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • the benefits of using 3D showrooms
  • how CarCutter’s showrooms work
  • how the CarCutter App streamlines this process

What Are the Benefits of Using 3D Showrooms for My Car Listings?

1.) Streamline Your Workflow:

Do you know the dread of having to take photos of your cars? Hiring a photographer for 18$ per car or taking the time to take photos yourself only to be disappointed by the inconsistency of the outcome? Considering lighting conditions, surroundings? Struggling to put one single vehicle into focus because of the noisy and distracting background on your lot? Worrying about maintenance costs, since editing these images takes ages? But what if you would never have to think about that again?

CarCutter’s virtual showrooms make that possible. By using our backgrounding solution, you can kiss all those distractions goodbye and focus on your main goal– selling cars! Just imagine: From now on, all you have to do is take 5 minutes out of your day, walk around the car and take images where needed.. If you’re a dealership, you can even use our App, which provides instructions on aspects such as the camera angle to guarantee the best outcome every time! Due to our integrated Guidance System, you don’t even need training or prior knowledge to shoot the images! Additionally, certain brands require specific picture orders or added banners, and you can easily fulfill these guidelines and add required brand banners as well as individual banners using the App.

You aren’t able to use the App? We got you! You can also send us the images with our API and integrate it in your workflow!

2.) Boost Customers’ Trust in Your Company:

Besides providing a more efficient way of photographing your cars, 3D showrooms also boost trust and lead to higher conversion rates, since you stand out from the crowd! Especially when talking about third party sites, customers are more likely to click on a professionally backgrounded image than any other photo, just consider these examples– which one would you click on?

3.) Engage Your Audience & Increase On Page Time:

Statistics from one of our partners, Koons, actually showed a 52% increase on third party websites for their images after having switched to CarCutter! And the images not only look good individually, but also when seeing the overview of your inventory online! This means that your website visitors will be more engaged and will automatically spend more time browsing your inventory. At CarCutter, your images will be edited so that they all have the same background (so the one you choose or choose to create– more on that later) and the car always points in the same direction like this to give a more consistent look across your website.

So, CarCutter not only saves you time, but streamlines the entire process so that taking, automatically backgrounding and uploading the images can be done within 15 minutes. This allows you to make use of eye-catching images while having low costs and effort!

How do CarCutter’s Showrooms work?

What makes our showrooms special is the help of our AI, Maia. Our AI takes thousands of images per showroom, so every single angle of the photo can be matched to the perspective of the original photo of the vehicle.

Original Images     |     Processed Images with Virtual Showroom

Additionally, all our showrooms have integrated photorealistic materials, realistic shadows as well as reflections.  This means that– without a doubt– every single image turns out perfectly and has a photorealistic look compared to a static background (or 2D showroom), which other competitors make use of. However, when displaying vehicles online, it is necessary to use photorealistic images, since the professional look boosts trust in the business. If an image looks not trustworthy, customers will start to question the dealer’s existence. That’s why we at CarCutter constantly work on the photorealism of our images to make them even more realistic.

Because details matter.

What you also should keep in mind are the following questions:

1.) Do you want a standard showroom or a customized showroom?

Standard Showrooms:

The difference between a standard and a customized showroom is that standard showrooms can only be customized depending on the branding, so where you want your logo to be displayed. The design itself is already finished, so all you have to do is check out our portfolio and choose the showroom you like best!

Customised Showrooms:

Compared to a standard showroom, the design of a customized showroom is entirely up to you. Our customized showrooms are made from scratch:

01. First, our 3D artist creates a 3D model of the showroom:
02. Then we add your desired materials:
03. And the last step is all about branding– whether it’s specific colors or a logo, we’ll implement it to boost your brand recognition!

…the possibilities are endless:

Learn more about our Virtual Showrooms here!

2.) How do you want your logo to be displayed?

You can choose between:

A) Painted Logo Pattern: The logo is brushed into the virtual space as a full-surface pattern. Depending on the angle at which the vehicle is shot, different areas of the pattern are visible.

B) Painted Single Logo: The logo is brushed into the virtual space in a toned-down form. Depending on the angle at which the vehicle is shot, the logo is not always fully visible.

C) Logo as static overlay: fter processing the photo, a static banner / logo is placed on the image. It is thus visible at every shooting angle in the same place.

The customization of showrooms– whether it’s integrating your logo or creating a showroom designed to fit your brand– is especially important concerning recognition. Showrooms like these make you stand out of the crowd and boost your brand. Since they’re unique, people will recognize them immediately and familiarize themselves with your brand identity. Another benefit is that standardized images like these allow you to seem professional and with this, customers automatically associate your images with branded dealers.

Tips for Optimizing Your Car Listings

Here are some tips for optimizing your car images for your listings:

  • standardize your photography process by using services such as the CarCutter App. This will lead to increased consistency across your website and attract more customers
  • keep your customer and your profits by removing unwanted branding that diverts potential customers aways from your site.
  • implement branded showrooms to your website and into your car images to boost your branding and make your dealership or car marketplace even more recognizable

In conclusion, optimizing your automotive photography is essential in today's digital age. By using advanced technologies such as 3D showrooms, you can create more immersive and engaging experiences for potential customers and thus provide transparency, which will boost trust in your business!

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