We are revolutionizing the way car photos are taken.

We provide AI-powered features for car dealerships and marketplaces to streamline their image editing process.

Since our foundation in 2016, our features have been purposefully crafted to enhance the customer experience by elevating image consistency and quality, resulting in increased conversions and heightened engagement.

This has been made possible through a strong emphasis on personal responsibility, team spirit, and seamless customer service, allowing us to deliver optimal support for each and every project.

"We are reinventing automotive imagery”

Our Vision

CarCutter’s vision is to reinvent the process of car photography to increase transparency and confidence through the business’ website.

We strive  to offer features that empower car dealerships and marketplaces in creating captivating and personalized experiences that align perfectly with the customer's expectations. Simultaneously, we remain committed to enhancing engagement and transparency to create exceptional interactions.

Culture and values form the very core of the CarCutter team.

We are looking for people who resonate with our mindset and can see themselves thriving within our dynamic, tech-savvy and fun atmosphere.






Our 5 Values

Think Customer

We take care of our customers, internal and external. We work hard to meet their needs.

Take Ownership

We take responsibility for our actions and deliver on our promises.

Keep It Simple

We embrace clarity and simplicity. We focus on what really matters.

Cultivate Excellence

Be excellent! In what we do and how we do it. With rigour, care and dedication

Entrepreneurial mindset

We encourage autonomy, acceptance of a challenge and a taste for adventure. We seek to inspire and provide the space for all to use their talents.

Join the CarCutter Team

A culture of inclusivity and a collaborative and innovative work experience. We are all passionate about our products, services and the value they deliver to our customers.