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Cut your photography process by 82%

The CarCutter App reduces time spent on the photography process from 27 minutes down to only 8 minutes per car, thanks to our intuitive interface and foolproof in-App Guidance System: no previous training or photography skills required! One of CarCutter’s most prestigious clients, AHG Group, has already used our App to drastically decrease time and expenses in their photography process. Click to read the full story

Your car images online- in 15 minutes or less.

Faster merchandising= increased profit. That’s why we eliminate wait periods and make sure to get your cars online and ready for sale faster, thanks to immediate access via mobile device or access within 15 minutes via your Inventory Management System. Click the button below to view all IMS supported by CarCutter.

Discover App Features

Automatic VIN Scan

Getting started is as easy as scanning the vehicle's VIN using your phone’s camera, or inputting manually. Each of your photographed vehicles is then automatically and conveniently sorted by VIN into separate folders for easy organization & viewing.

OEM Customer Guidelines

Comfortably choose which angles you want to display and in what order. Additionally, certain brands require specific picture orders or added banners, and you can easily fulfill these guidelines and add required brand banners as well as individual banners using the App.

Smart & Simple Guidance

We mean it when we say anyone can take effortlessly perfect car shots with our detailed and intuitive in-App guidance system. It tells you exactly where to stand and precisely how to hold and adjust the camera. No previous training or photography skills required!

Cut Off Detection

We know you’re in a hurry, but fact is: Cut off cars don’t sell. That’s why the in-App photography guide instantly detects when your vehicle is being cut off, automatically prevents you from taking an incomplete car picture, and directs you to the correct angle.

Sell Cars Faster

Faster merchandising=increased sales. That’s why we get your images online ASAP by making sure your fully processed car images are immediately accessible. You can obtain them instantly via your phone or within 15 mins via DMS for further distribution.

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