How much Car Dealers lose per Day & what to do against it

Published on
Oct 2, 2023
Written by
Lara-Alina Plieschnig

Longer Listing Process = Higher Costs

Imagine: a new car is parked on your lot. You immediately take pictures of it, so you can put it up for sale. You don’t need any expensive equipment for the photos, you just use your smartphone camera and get high-quality results. But that’s not how it works, is it? No, in reality you hardly find the time to even deal with taking photos, you lack homogeneity in these pictures, since every single one is captured from a different angle and in the end, you have to upload these pictures, that generate low click rates and therefore do not attract potential buyers – so your car sits idle. However, the good news is: in the following article we present you a solution to this problem! We’ll tell you:

- The most common problem for Dealerships

- Which expenses you have to take into account

- How to reduce the time in which your car sits idle

The Problem

Nowadays, more and more people gather their impression of a car online before visiting a dealership. This means that the pictures you have on your website need to catch your potential customer’s attention and never let it out of its grip until they feel the desire to buy this car. However, since the process of taking high-quality pictures is simply not feasible for dealerships, they end up with homogenic, simple pictures on their website. This is an issue, since these pictures will not arouse anybody’s interest in a car and therefore the car will not sell, which means it will be sitting idle on your lot for quite some time. The problem? The longer your car doesn’t attract any buyers, the longer it takes to sell the car and the more money you lose. And we’re not only talking about paying for any damages like rust-in brakes or flat tires, but also about the fact, that as soon as the car has been sitting on the lot for more than a specific amount of time, the retail price drops.

How To Calculate

Now, how exactly do long sitting periods relate to loss of money? Firstly, the longer the car sits on the lot the less money it is worth. Especially if the period of time exceeds about 60 days, the price significantly reduces and continues to do so each day that the car is not sold. In addition to that you have to consider the costs for repairs since cars tend to get flat tires or rust-in brakes if they are not being driven regularly. And these are only the most obvious things to think of. What about advertising, cost for maintenance (cleaning) and storage costs?

To visualize how this could impact your business, we calculated the expenditures of a 25.000€ car that’s been sitting idle for about 60 days:

Capital commitment cost: 100€

Decrease in value: 420€

Storage cost: 85€

Maintenance cost: 70€

Repair for damages: 75€

Advertising: 95€

Overall cost: 845€

This means that over the course of 60 days you’d be losing 845€ – these are about 14€ a day! Assuming, we were talking about a 20.000€ car, you’d be spending/losing about 12€ a day.

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