How CarCutter's Hotspot Player Can Boost Customer Engagement on Your Website

Published on
Oct 2, 2023
Written by
Lara-Alina Plieschnig

In today's world, customers expect a high level of interactivity and engagement when shopping online. This is especially true in the automotive industry, where customers want to get a detailed and immersive look at the vehicles they're considering. That's where CarCutter's Hotspot Player comes in. With this innovative tool, car dealerships can provide an interactive and engaging experience for their customers, ultimately leading to higher engagement and sales.

So what exactly is the Hotspot Player, and how does it work? Here's a closer look:

  1. The Hotspot Player is a tool for adding interactive hotspots to car images.

With the Hotspot Player, car dealerships can easily add interactive hotspots to their car images. These hotspots can be placed on any part of the car, and when clicked, they provide a close-up view of that specific feature. For example, a hotspot might be placed on the steering wheel, and when clicked, the customer would be taken to a close-up view of the wheel.

  1. The Hotspot Player provides a more immersive online experience for customers.

By allowing customers to get a closer look at specific features of a car, the Hotspot Player creates a more immersive and interactive online experience. This can lead to higher engagement and ultimately, more sales. Customers are more likely to spend time on a dealership's website when they can explore a vehicle in this way, and they're more likely to make a purchase when they feel like they've gotten a good sense of the car's features and capabilities.

  1. The Hotspot Player can be customized to fit a dealership's branding.

Another advantage of the Hotspot Player is that it can be customized to fit a dealership's branding and aesthetic. This means dealerships can create a more cohesive and personalized online experience for their customers. With the ability to choose which areas of the car to highlight, and the ability to customize the look and feel of the hotspots themselves, the Hotspot Player is a versatile and powerful tool for car dealerships.

  1. Hotspots are fully automatic.

Yes, you heard right. After your dealership chose a which features you want to turn into hotspots, our AI automatically creates a Hotspot button for every car that has the feature. That means there is no extra effort from your side, since our AI automatically scans the Car Description and evenly distributes them across all images, so that not all Hotspots are on the same image.

Overall, the Hotspot Player is a game-changer for car dealerships looking to improve customer engagement and ultimately drive sales. By providing an interactive and immersive experience for customers, the Hotspot Player can help dealerships stand out from the competition and create a more compelling online presence. So if you're looking to take your dealership's online presence to the next level, be sure to consider the Hotspot Player from CarCutter.