CEO predicts the end for all car dealerships not using technology

Published on
Mar 1, 2024
Written by
Lara-Alina Plieschnig

Did you know that nowadays more than 60% of customers make their buying decisions online? Recent field studies have even shown that by 2030 clients will have the opportunity to ditch dealers altogether! For dealerships this means that they have to improve their website to enable efficient communication and thus avoid losing potential customers. 

CarCutter has been observing these changes and created a tool to establish transparency within your website to gain trust without having to talk to your clients.

Introducing: The Hotspot Player – an engaging way to combine vehicle data and computer vision.

No idea what a Hotspot Player is? Don’t worry – we’ll catch you up on: 

  • what the Hotspot Feature is 
  • how it can benefit you 
  • how to easily implement it on your website

What is the Hotspot Player?

This feature aims to provide more transparency when it comes to buying a car online. Incorporating this feature into your website enables your customers to view important aspects of the vehicle up close on your website. 

After clicking on a Hotspot, the website will show a close-up of this element and give in-detail descriptions of the feature, so users don’t have to scroll up and down on your website anymore to gain information about their desired vehicle, but rather interact directly with your website.

How does this benefit me?

Right now you’re probably wondering how this tool could benefit your business. Just think about it: Even nowadays two thirds of people decide where to buy their vehicle based on the online presence of the dealership, and according to the McKinsey Report they are demanding more customer-focused websites. Ten years from now –when people actually have the option to conduct the process of buying a car entirely via the Internet– they won’t even consider purchasing from you if your website cannot hold their attention. 

That’s where the Hotspot feature comes into play. Applying this tool on your website not only benefits your customers by helping them make a well-informed decision, but also your business by engaging more potential clients and increasing your online conversion rate –with little to no effort on your part.  

In the future the Hotspot Player will even include close-ups of car damages such as scratches or dents, which will benefit those who are looking to buy pre-owned cars and will additionally support the dealership in taking customers' fear of investing in used vehicles.

And here’s how you can implement it:

All images as well as the hotspots will be published automatically to your website!

Take the lead with CarCutter:

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  • shift your process online 
  • establish transparency 
  • build an interactive website

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