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Dopo aver inviato il modulo di contatto, riceverete un'e-mail contenente un link all'App e i vostri dati utente per accedere in modo sicuro.


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Fare clic sul pulsante blu "Aggiungi ordine" situato nell'angolo in basso a destra del menu principale dell'App e scansionare il VIN del veicolo.


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La guida integrata nell'app vi guiderà passo dopo passo nel processo di fotografia. Vi verrà spiegato dove posizionarvi e con quale angolazione tenere il telefono per scattare la foto perfetta della vostra auto.


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In pochi secondi la nostra AI Maia avrà:- ritagliato automaticamente il vostro veicolo- posizionato l'auto all'interno dello showroom- applicato la correzione dell'angolo e aggiunto le ombre di contatto- rinominato e riordinato le immagini


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-Facendo clic su un link tramite il vostro dispositivo mobile

-Collegando direttamente CarCutter al vostro sistema DMS.Provate il flusso di lavoro più efficiente che un concessionario possa desiderare!



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Come funziona l'app


Dopo aver inviato il modulo di contatto, riceverete un'e-mail contenente un link all'App e i vostri dati utente per accedere in modo sicuro.

Aggiungere una nuova auto

Fare clic sul pulsante blu "Aggiungi ordine" situato nell'angolo in basso a destra del menu principale dell'App e scansionare il VIN del veicolo.

Lasciate che la magia accada

In pochi secondi la nostra AI Maia avrà:- ritagliato automaticamente il vostro veicolo- posizionato l'auto all'interno dello showroom- applicato la correzione dell'angolo e aggiunto le ombre di contatto- rinominato e riordinato le immagini

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Fatto!  Le vostre immagini sono pronte e possono essere consultate cliccando su un link tramite il vostro dispositivo mobile o collegando direttamente CarCutter al vostro sistema DMS.

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By using the CarCutter app, we have not only professionalized our vehicle photography, but also greatly simplified and accelerated it. With the CarCutter app, every salesperson is now able to create uniform vehicle images for the online platforms quickly and easily - and without any training or familiarization!

The operation is self-explanatory and allows virtually no errors. If the required view and the correct angle are not maintained, the camera does not even trigger. The introduction of the new software and processes was also child's play in cooperation with Meero Austria (formerly micardo GmbH) and was completed in no time at all: Select background image, define photos and clippings, determine the sequence, scan QR code and get started.

Patrick Schweizer, Head of Marketing Autohaus Vögler GmbH

I worked with Mr. Schwarzenberger at the beginning. We tested and further improved the app, among other things by testing the scan of the chassis number. We fixed the order of the images and the use on all sales smartphones in our company.

After several updates, the app runs very well and recognizes directly if you photograph the vehicle correctly etc. In the meantime, the CarCutter app is used for all shots and for online marketing, so that all vehicles are presented uniformly and with the same background.

Sarah Brodbeck, Salesconsultant MTS Automobile

Thanks to CarCutter, we have the perfect image for each vehicle within minutes, with a uniform background that matches our dealership. The navigated photo process and predefined camera perspectives have allowed us to standardize our vehicle images, ensuring that no equipment features are forgotten in the pictures.

Andreas Barth, Projectleader Autohaus Barth

I have been using CarCutter for a few years and am now the sole user for the Audi brand at the Albertsmeyer company. The app provides massive support for taking photos and shortens the process by hours.

Previously, I took photos with a digital camera, pulled the images onto my PC, then sent them to a company for cropping and only when I got them back could I upload them. Now I can save all that. Almost everything happens automatically. The cropping of the images and the automatic transfer to our inventory system are some of the biggest benefits. It also helps me to keep the images consistent for each vehicle. The app also helps you do that, because you always take pictures in the same order. With a good smartphone, the quality of the pictures is also really perfect.

I can definitely confirm that this reduces our downtimes. Good vehicle pictures are one of the most important things in online presence, plus you are simply faster on the Internet.

Niklas Schelhorn, Salesassistant Autohaus Albertsmeyer Nordhausen

We are very happy with CarCutter. Since we started using CarCutter, we have a much higher click-through rate and a more professional look. In addition, the handling of the app is super easy and saves us a lot of time when advertising the vehicles.

Martin Bösinger, CEO Autohaus Bösinger

Easy to use even without detailed instruction and photographic talent. CarCutter represents a significant time saving by eliminating the need to upload from caches. Furthermore, it enables us to automatically assign images via VIN at the internet provider.

Thanks to CarCutter, we have a uniform appearance of the entire inventory and professional-looking images with a personal touch through automatically supplied picture frames.

Andreas Eichenauer, Salesleader Autohaus Göthling

CarCutter has enabled us to reduce our internal processes enormously. Tedious processes such as preparing the DSLR, transferring photos, post-processing and uploading are automatically taken over by CarCutter and therefore offer real added value.  

Thanks to the uniform and professional-looking photos, the vehicle and our dealership appear serious and competent to our customers.

Gabriel Rathmayer, Sales Fischer PKW

Here are our collected positive experiences: Easy transfer of photos into the DMS system, different virtual rooms can be selected by multiple guidelines directly in the app, fast contact with the support team, virtual room has a very good quality!

Christian Paetsch, Disposition Autohaus Elmshorn

Everything went without major problems from the initial contact through the test phase to the final implementation. Kudos to Mr. van Zutphen for the quick responses and helpfulness. The app has greatly simplified and improved our processes.

Previously, the pictures had to be taken manually, checked, sorted and then uploaded. Now everything is automatic and valuable time is saved. The guideline is also a very useful feature as now all images are in a consistent sequence and no views can be forgotten. Everything ran and runs smoothly, my queries were answered very quickly and in detail, my wishes were implemented. In addition, our vehicle search now looks uniform and unsightly backgrounds are no longer a problem.

Niklas Mauch, Marketing Autowelt Schuler

We are very satisfied with the CarCutter software. The appearance on the Internet is simply more professional and we are no longer necessarily dependent on our photo room and can thus also cleanly display vehicles in "oversize". In summary, we are happy with the tool and would not want to miss it anymore!

Alexander Troisler, Administration Gebrauchtwagen Auto Gerster

We are very satisfied with CarCutter. The image quality is excellent and gives our vehicle fleet a consistent, professional look. The ease of use of the app allows anyone to take pictures for the vehicles without much instruction.

Ralf Habighorst, CEO Autohaus Habighorst

Very intuitive and easy to use. The cropping of the vehicles provides very good results within a very short time. This significantly reduced the amount of work needed to post professional images in the vehicle exchanges. We were also convinced by the individual background and thus uniform look of the pictures.

Natalie Bahlecke, Marketing Autohaus Mothor

Since we started using CarCutter we have a faster, more consistent solution to enhancing and replace the background of our used car forecourt. The enhanced images are produced faster than any of the UK competition as well as the vehicle looking far more realistic in its own environment. No more floating cars with a poorly placed back drop!

The CarCutter App provides our vehicle progression team with a guided image sequence as well as the angle and position that the car needs to be photographed in. Ultimately this guidance means our digital forecourt is perfectly presented all the time, even with multiple users. It is that easy!

The team at CarCutter have been extremely supportive in meeting our commercial deadlines, they provided test products to ensure the solution meet our dealership needs as well as continuing to this day in supporting tweaks and changes making them a brilliant partner in a fast paced sales environment.

Alex Luhrs, Used Car Marketing Manager Lloyd Motor Group

CarCutter is a very dynamic and clearly designed app that is easy to use for everyone. We really like the principle that you can't really do anything wrong. You get precise instructions on how to take pictures and end up with uniformity in the image motifs of all vehicle models.

Since we've been using the app, we've had a more efficient process when taking pictures, since the VIN scanner also speeds up the entire photography process.

Nina Geske, Marketing and Communications Weller Automobile

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