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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between APP and API?

Both API and APP are powered by the same Artificial Intelligence. The main difference is, that the APP guides you through the photo process, if you have the cars physically at your location (great for dealerships), while the API is suitable for companies that don’t have direct access to the cars (great for Car Platforms/ Marketplaces).


What are showrooms? How do they work?

Our Showrooms are virtual, 3D spaces to showcase cars, without constructing them at high costs physically. Your car will be placed within a showroom, which basically functions as a “background”. Compared to other image editing providers, CarCutter renders apr. 12.000 different angles per Showroom, and matches them according to the car-angle of the original angle. We provide 12 standard showrooms with logo overlay OR customizable showrooms, which can be tailored to meet your specific needs.


How long am I bound to a contract?

Depending on your specific solution, you will either pay per Car (App), or per image (API). Therefore, there is NO contract period- you use our service for as long as you need it. However, we do offer discounts for long-term clients. For more information please contact our sales team.


How can I test it? APP + API

You can test our APP by creating a Trial Account for your first 10 Cars - totally free. The trial account does NOT include manual retouching or any form of customization (personalised showroom, logo implementation, etc.)
API customers, who rely on 3rd Party Car Images, can test directly in the browser (AI only)